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7. Workplace training in the forms of internship or work-study programs may also be options for our prospective students, as well as an option for an apprenticeship resulting from on the job training programs.

8. Among the rewards of joining our school we expect student to create friendships, mentorships, and on-site lectures from guest speakers.

9. We also expect our students to follow job leads, and receive customer referrals when another member is too booked to take the work. This would include learning unrelated skills especially when a student volunteers to work on a food related benefit, which could result in a lifelong asset of valuable connections.

10. Finally, we intend to encourage our students to take stock of who they are, and what are their best skills. We will help them filter down their talents into culinary skills, service, finance, research, communications, and the management fields of restaurants in making them the most successful entrepreneurs that they can achieve to become.