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In 2002, 2 or 3 Gathered Together in its capacity of a disaster relief agency was awarded New Yorker of the Week by Time Warner for their collective relief efforts in assisting the families that had lost loved ones during that horrific act. They were also instrumental in donating goods to Hurricane Katrina evacuees. 2 or 3 Gathered Together’s perceptive vision has now set an early course for developing future Eco-Friendly Green Communities. These green communities will consist of recycle shipping containers that will serve as recycled homes, as well as on site organic gardening, culinary arts, and recycled thrift stores. Hargrove describes 2 or 3 Gathered Together as a social development program as well as a social service enterprise. 2 or 3 Gathered Together desires to continue being a provider of employment, training and rehabilitation for people of limited employability, offering educational training, and a source for providing self-sufficiency organic gardening

With years of accomplishment, 2 or 3 Gathered Together won’t be satisfied when so many people live in sub standard housing, and many unemployed need our services. Through our current Friendly Green Initiatives, we aim to improve the green sustainable forms of habitation as well as organic gardening producing food by the self-sufficiency efforts of individuals and their families. Hargrove’ vision of affordable and green sustainable housing remains constant. “With the prayerful cooperation of others, we hope to provide examples of developed green communities making it a healthier place for individuals and their families.